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Queer Productions Cabo (QPC) is a platform that connects performers (including drag artists, musicians, dancers, acrobats and others) with venues and diverse communities in Baja California Sur. Our vision as an entertainment company and events producer is centered on art and concept, aspiring to make every experience unique and memorable to all our guests.

Services Offered

*Our services include conceiving and producing queer spectacles, which always begin with defining a unique visual aesthetic and a palette of artistic and musical references that will shape the experience. * Afterward, we produce audiovisual material (photography, video and design) that will capture the essence of the event. * We peak with a multisensory show that combines drag art with music, atmospheric decor and hosting dynamics that engage the audience in immersive experiences.

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Mesa Verde No. Ext. M02 L08
Res. La Peña,
Los Cabos, Baja California Sur

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