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Hi, I´m Magui De Gante, documentary wedding and family photographer since 10 years ago. I love capturing the moments and emotions of the people I have in front of my lens, I want each image to be natural and spontaneous, for the result to be something that not only transports them back to that moment, but something that they can visually enjoy for the rest of their lives. This is a celebration of love, the love of a couple, the love of their family and friends coming from everywhere to celebrate the huge luck of loving and being loved. This event is unique and unrepeatable, so my mission is very important. Something like this deserves to be captured with images as incredible as their love, images that will become more and more important over time and that will always make you remember and relive moments and emotions of that long-awaited day, with which you recognize yourself emotionally. So I will be honored to create natural, spontaneous and unique images of this incredible part of their history. If a phrase defined my work it would be: "Moments being you"

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Documentary Photography and Video of weddings, couple sessions and families. Photobooks

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