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"Conceptualized feelings on functional clothing" Korgon Landare is a Mexican fashion brand founded in 2016 by designer Andrés González, who was a semifinalist on the "México Diseña by Elle" platform by Elle Mx magazine in its Maximalism edition in 2017. During the same year, he presented 4 looks at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Mexico and was also listed in the top 100 best Mexican designers. Deeply connected to nostalgia and sentimentalism, Korgon Landare reinterprets human joys and tragedies through the making, production and sale of designs that celebrate individuality. Korgon Landare has dressed many celebrities, including Maite Perroni, Itatí Cantoral, Roberto Carlo, Ana Layevska, Vanessa Claudio, Ely Guerra, Victoria Volkóva, Alex Acero, Beatriz Calles and Jade Fraser. Our brand has been published in different national and international media: L'Officiel Baltic, L'Amour Magazine, Glamor Mexico, Elle Mexico, Marie Claire Mexico, Glow MX, Flesh Magazine, Luvan, Malvie Magazine, Maple Magazine, among others. We are committed to Fair Trade in addition to supporting vulnerable social groups by donating a percentage of our sales to non-profit foundations.

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We create garments tailored to our clients and fitted to their budget. Quality and constant communication are our starting points, as well as honesty to let you know what is possible for us and what is probably not. We create dresses for bridesmaids, brides, moms of brides/husbands, special guests, or just for special occasions and everyday wear. Dresses, blouses, skirts, vests, pants, shirts, coats, shorts, or any other garment that comes to your imagination.

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