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Fermín Loera, is an architect by profession and wedding coordinator by passion! His main goal is to make your wedding a memorable, special and unique event, combining architecture, trends and range of colors, because he knows that every detail counts to tell your story. Fermín Loera will be there to guide you and help you find the best suppliers for you, as well as the salon, florist, banquet, etc. In addition, it will also support you in the logistics of the civil and religious ceremony. Throughout his experience in wedding organization, Fermín Loera has realized that on the day of the event the bride and groom are the most unprotected, because they ignore how a provider should work, that is why he as a Wedding Planner, will be with you at all times so that you do not take any unpleasant surprises and will help you solve any unforeseen event.

Services Offered

- Wedding Coordination - Intermediate Wedding Planning - Advanced Wedding Planning - Wedding Branding and Design - Guest Confirmation - Wedding Planning Destination - Planning Advisory Sessions

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S. D. Gaytan No. Ext. 130
Magisterio Seccion 38,
Saltillo, Coahuila

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