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“Our vision is to share with the world a new dream of love” We are priestesses honoring life through celebrating the most important rites of passage in life, giving our talents at the service of love. We celebrate the power of building a family, full of respect, harmony and FREEDOM. We have the honor of uniting the souls of those who have already been lucky enough to meet, the blessing of falling in love and the COURAGE to honor their love under all circumstances. We firmly believe in love as a universal energy and we recognize that Love is Love and that as long as there are hearts willing to share this wonderful joy, love will always find fertile and generous soil to flourish.

Services Offered

Wedding ceremonies. Equal weddings. Vow renewal ceremony. Weddings in the woods with special workshops for the couple. Full love experience (your wedding ceremony framed with a beautiful mandala and live music) Welcome ceremonies for the new members of the family, birthday ceremony, holistic bachelor ceremony, and memorials to honor the legacy of those who have already transcended into eternal light.

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